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Access product analytics for billions of actions

Amplitude’s Dynamic Behavioral Sampling helps high volume customers get access to product analytics without compromising on speed, accuracy or cost.

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Reliable analytics for millions of daily active users

Twitter aims to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Product analytics is invaluable in helping Twitter achieve this mission.

Amplitude’s Scale program gives our team a reliable and comprehensive analysis of what’s happening on our service. The variety of analytical surfaces makes it easy to explore our data and discover new insights, which helps us continuously iterate on ideas to build a better platform. We can keep deepening any analysis as it goes along. Steven Ma Data Scientist, Twitter

Sampling that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy

With most tools, the trade-off for sampling data is loss of accuracy. Amplitude’s innovative behavioral sampling preserves accurate user behavior.

  • Choose user level sampling to ensure behavioral footprints are tracked completely
  • Get accurate visualizations with algorithmic upsampling
  • Whitelist key subpopulations like paying subscribers or A/B test variants so they are not sampled

Real-time queries, even for high data volume

Stop relying on slow, in-house tools. Get instant answers at any event volume.

  • Don’t compromise on real-time queries, even if you’re tracking billions of user actions every day
  • Gain full control of your sampling rate and event volume with a best-in-class product analytics experience for your team

Supercharge your product team

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