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Learn and ship faster with automatic alerts

Did your latest release break a critical user flow? Are you going to hit your product KPIs next week? Amplitude Insight uses machine learning to keep an eye on everything so you don’t have to.

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Intelligent monitoring ensures you never miss a thing

Over 60 million commercial customers around the world use Office 365. Microsoft’s MyAnalytics in Office 365 shows you how you spend your time so you can plan and schedule your time to work smarter and accomplish your goals.

It is impossible to monitor all the changes in your data as a product team. Sometimes, important issues get missed. Amplitude Insight surfaces interesting trends without you having to look for them each time. It decreases the time to detecting issues and has a huge upside potential. Gooi Chungheong Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Get alerted on changes in product performance

With millions of user actions in your product every day, often you just don’t know what has changed.

  • Now you can be sure nothing broke with your latest release
  • If there’s an issue, instantly alert all stakeholders for immediate action

Closely monitor anomalies and trends in KPIs

Sometimes, a product insight is waiting just around the corner in a trend you haven’t noticed.

  • Deep dive into your data whenever there is an interesting change and never miss an insight again
  • Learn whether you are on track to hit your goals with your latest release

Instantly surface trends in your product data

Answers are usually hiding just beneath the surface.

  • Discover which users really drive your KPIs and why
  • See user segments that are gaining or losing in performance on any metric and investigate further

Supercharge your product team

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