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Build trust with 100% data integrity

The biggest barriers to using analytics successfully are confusion about what the data means and mistrust in the data’s quality. Taxonomy gives admins the control to define, plan and manage product data with just a few clicks.

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Confidence in data means insights you can trust

OkCupid is a leading dating service with users exchanging more than 7 million messages each day. The OkCupid team continuously improves the experience using insights from Amplitude.

Amplitude Taxonomy creates confidence for team members by clearly defining the nature of a data point. It clarifies where and how a user event is tracked. It makes us feel sure that we are querying the right event and that the insight is trustworthy. Eric Kim Senior Product Manager, OkCupid

Create clarity with a central source of truth for product data

Stop guessing what a certain event means or searching poorly maintained internal documentation. Now your team can find definitions exactly when and where they need them.

  • Check event and property definitions while viewing reports with baked-in documentation
  • Track popular and new events in your product taxonomy
  • Help new analytics users get onboarded quickly
  • Learn which events are really being utilized in your team’s analytics

Admin controls to keep data clean

Make sure your team only sees data you have planned and validated.

  • Stage new events and properties before approving them for everyone to see
  • Approve or reject new events as they come in
  • Prevent inaccuracies and privacy breaches

Fix data bugs retroactively without writing code

Make new analyses possible in seconds.

  • Correct mistakes like duplicate events and inconsistent naming conventions
  • Reverse any changes without affecting the underlying data

Supercharge your product team

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