Websites are the faces of businesses. Without a good website, it is often difficult to attract customers. We often see that certain websites are way more attractive and user-friendly than others making them more successful than their competitors. But how do they do it? It is because their website is in the hands of a good website developer or good website agency. 

Though website development seems very easy with lots of free and online website builders, a good website agency can work with more focus and proficiency. If customer interactions and user-friendliness is the main focus of your business then a good agency is the best option.

 A good website agency has certain ways to build a website which makes their websites better and effective than the others. Here’s the secret of how they work.

1. Excellent Team

Every good website agency has an excellent team who knows and is expertise in their own work. From engineers, developers, designers to content and other experts, they not only just have it all but also the best ones. The team completely tries to understand the needs of the client and then contribute their expertise into building a website apt for your business.


2.  Clear Communication

A good website agency will make sure that they listen to your requirements. The team will be in touch with you at regular intervals to understand what you want and how the process looks like. Even financial needs will be clearly communicated. Whether it’s their doubts or yours they will be available for you over calls/emails.


3.  Evaluate Your Site

If you have an existing site, a website agency will take a look into it and evaluate your online presence.

Domain Name

First, they will evaluate your domain name. They will check if your domain name is the same as your business. If not, is that the only domain name available?

In the case of an existing website, they often try to keep the domain name the same in order to avoid customer confusion. But if there’s a chance of using a better one, they will consult with you and change it before they start building a fresh website.

URL Structure

After the domain name, they will move ahead with the URL structure. How is the URL in your site set up? Are they readable and appropriate to the content on your pages? Also, they will check if you have clearly named sub-folders. If not they will create sub-folders so that will re-working on your new website your URLs will be intact while eliminating the need of re-directs

In case they find your URL structure with random characters they will create a new URL structure along with your new website. However, they will keep a log of these URLs so that they can set up appropriate redirects later.


The evaluation process has another important element that has to be evaluated, i.e. content. Content is an essential part of your website as it tells your visitors who you are as a company and tells them whatever information they need and then convinces them to convert.

The website agency looks into your website content and ensures that it covers all these three goals. If not they will re-write it. Add this to the planning, process, and budget of the website building.

Content can be anything ranging from text, images, videos, blogs, etc.


4.  Research on CMS options

After the evaluation. It is time for research to build your websites. Often there are two most common ways to build your websites. The choice of which depends completely on your preference and budget.

The first option is to build a straight HTML site. This means the website will be coded from the very beginning. This way will take a little longer to build but customization and functionality will be the utmost. Hence ensuring no bad website design.

When the agency uses this method with your approval, they have a great team of developers who can easily identify the problem when something goes wrong and immediately resolve/fix it. Coding is an inevitable part here.

But when you approve the other option, which is to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, the process becomes different. Here the agency will build a site with CMS which will allow you to get access to the website via login and you too can make changes if necessary. This setup is simpler and can be helpful for non-coders to make updates as well without always the help of the developer. The problem here would be customization here can’t be as vast as an HTML site.


5.  Focuses on what functionality you need

After you along with the agency make a choice of the CMS option, the agency will be moved on focusing on the functionality you want for your website. The agency will listen to your requirements of the functionality and start building on it.

If you are looking for a website with simple text, images, and contact info then the building is simple and the team will deliver you quickly.

Whereas if you need additional functionality, like an e-commerce website to sell your products or an interactive contact form for the customers/visitors then the building process will take time and the developers will need more codes and tests.


6.  Finalise Budget

Now before going further, the team of the website agency will fix the budget. They will review the project with you on the lines of time and quality. A good website agency will try to be as affordable as they can. They will justify every bit of the money they take. They will clearly communicate and divide the cost.


7. Measure Results

After building the website, they will also measure the success of the website. The team will try to get as much traction as they can on your website. It is sure that they will show you the results of improvements. On any kind of downs, they will make sure they fix it. Not only quality, a good website agency will give you quantity as well.


8. Feedbacks

A good website agency takes your feedback in every stage of designing and building. They will try to look into your feedback and try to incorporate it whenever and wherever possible. So your opinions and views will not go into vain.


9. Continuous quality checks and improvements

The final step of a good website agency that makes the difference is the continuous quality checks and improvements. They will fix issues immediately and the website will be under constant checks. So, they will make sure your website is always error-free and user-friendly.

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