Excerpt: Let’s make your life easy when you are planning to build a no-code product but don’t know where to begin. We have an exclusive list of 36 no-code resources where you can learn from no-code experts.

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Every second counts in today's fast-paced digital world, especially when it comes to developing a business website, web app, or mobile app. No-code development is the answer to complicated custom development, a scarcity of developers, and large project expenses. No-code development is based on the idea of making tools more accessible and easy to use so that even non-technical people can use them. If you're thinking about making a no-code product but don't know where to start, check out this list of the top 36 no-code resources where you can learn from no-code specialists.

1. No Code HQ

No Code HQ is a community of no-code builders that share new projects, news, and experience, as well as engage and learn from each other. The platform has tutorials, for no-code development, templates, and no-code tools to help you get started with your own project.

2. Nu Code

With a community of over 5000 no-code builders and professionals, at Nu Code, they come together to study and share their knowledge of how to make no-code products. Members of the community regularly exchange ideas and demonstrate their progress with new tools.

3. Makerpad

Makerpad is a platform for no-code professionals who share their success stories and expertise, and it is one of the largest no-code communities on the internet. Beginners can take advantage of the platform's tutorials and courses.

4.No Code Makers

The forum is for no-code experts to learn, talk, share and collaborate with other members of the community and no-code creators. Regular forum updates provide the most up-to-date information on no-code tools and experience as the most valuable resource for newcomers.


On NoCodeDevs, no-code experts share their experience, ideas, and tricks to help newcomers get started with no-code technologies. Up-to-date tutorials review and present the latest trends on how to get pro with no code and create your own project.

6. NoCodeClub

This is a global community of no-code creators that connect and assist one another in overcoming obstacles while creating no-code goods and sharing the finest no-code solutions. NoCode Club's gamified leaderboard is a fun way for members to earn karma points for assisting and collaborating with other members.

7. Nocoders Academy

Another dimension in the no-code universe contains all of the necessary resources for no-code creators. Tutorials, instructional materials, and over 200 free resources on a variety of tools are available on the platform. NoCoders Academy is also a thriving community with mentors and tutors, as well as an upcoming academy.

8. No Code Founders

NCF is a community of founders who have jumped into the no-code world and are now sharing their expertise and knowledge with others who have similar interests. These people are entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, no-code fans, and developers who have selected no-code tools as the ultimate solution for business ventures. Here non-techies and techies co-exist perfectly! The strong community and culture enable members to assist one another in developing efficient solutions.


NoCode.Tech is a resource for developers and no-code creators that includes over 200 tools and tips. Even a novice can learn how to construct software without coding and obtain help from the community if they run into difficulties.


A platform that brings together several no-code solutions and automation to help you increase the efficiency of your business. Video lectures, online classes to master no-code, guides on constructing no-code MVPs, and much more are available on the website.

11.Bubble Academy

Bubble has become one of the most popular platforms for creating web apps using no-code technologies. Bubble currently has an academy to learn no-code and navigate through no-code tools like a pro, with over 1 million users globally. For improved learning, the portal includes videos, practical courses, and coaching.

12.Coaching No Code Apps

Start automating your work more efficiently with no-code tools and platforms. If you're not sure how to do it, the Coaching No Code platform is a great place to start. Learn how to get started with a no-code app and how to use it to generate new revenue sources. They also have Youtube lessons that walk newcomers through the fundamentals of no-code creation in a simple, non-technical language.

13.No Code MVP

If you want to learn how to build MVP using no-code technologies, this platform will be a great place to start. Worksheets, assignments, a step-by-step building guide, video tutorials, and certification at the end of the course are all included in the course. Developers, product managers, startup entrepreneurs, and small business owners will all benefit from the No Code MVP.


This instructional platform is a great place to start if you're new to no-code programming. Even non-technical users will find the basic and engaging learning material easy to grasp and apply. Zeroqode Lab offers more than 20 courses that cover every aspect of no-code development.


Ottho is the leader in generating applications without coding for the French-speaking audience. The training materials are intended for both technical and non-technical users. Eighteen mentors will accompany students throughout the journey, assisting them in solving problems and practising no-code development.


Zapier is a popular tool for automating tasks. Hundreds of thousands of projects have already incorporated the platform, which has reduced the time it takes to complete most tasks. Zapier now has its own platform where you can learn more about the platform and start your own Zapier project.

17.Webflow University

With Webflow, you can create powerful websites and apps without a big budget. Webflow University, a huge library of classes and courses for learning and practising no-code, has also been built.

18.No Code MBA

No Code MBA is one of the top no-code learning resources for practising and building websites, apps, and automation. It means that anyone who is willing to master no-code tools may now create goods, not just tech geeks.

19.Visual Dev.fm

Visual Dev School is a hands-on approach to learning how to create apps and websites without coding. New movies and learning material based on no-code software are added to the source regularly.


WeAreNoCode is an online institute that teaches no-code development to entrepreneurs and non-technical enthusiasts. It's a community of no-code experts and people who wish to get started with no-code tools, in addition to useful knowledge and tools.


No-code tutorials and seminars from prominent professionals are another great way to master the ideas and create your own project.


Nocodify is another great option for learning, designing, and developing apps without having to code. The website provides courses and step-by-step instructions for learning and practising no-code visual development.

22.Without Code

Learn how to launch your own project without having to hire a team of developers for thousands of dollars. Without technical expertise or skills, detailed video tutorials will reveal the secrets of producing mobile applications and websites.

23.Hello Guru

Ready to be a no-coding pro? Hello, Guru is a no-code learning space where anyone can learn how to construct a website or mobile app like a software engineer. The courses promise to teach you how to design a simple landing page, an app, or a content management system. 

24.No Code Tutorials

Connor Finlayson, a well-known no-code expert, is now contributing useful knowledge on no-code development and automation. The videos are presented in a lighthearted and laid-back style, making learning simple. The website is continually updated with fresh videos so you can stay up to speed on the most up-to-date tools.


All of the no-code videos have now been gathered in one spot. This website will become an indisputable part of your learning and practice if you've begun learning no-code development. The professionals discuss their experiences with no-code platforms, including successful projects and obstacles.

26.Visual Dev School

 Real school or not, this platform will teach you no-code development even if you aren't a tech whiz. The tutorial will walk you through the entire process of creating no-code mobile apps, web apps, or websites.

27.No Code Community

No-code creators have developed a no-code community on Facebook to join all the people successfully working or starting to practise no-code development, inspired by the revolutionary new way of building apps and websites and automating the workflow.


It's a no-code building community where people can share, discuss, collaborate, and make lifelong connections. This community will be a helpful source of practice and information whether you are just getting started with no-code development or have already executed your projects successfully.

29.Apps Without Code

No-code development has already been shown to be a lifesaver when it comes to building an app or a website and validating an idea without wasting a lot of time or money. Non-technical people will be able to comprehend how to utilise no-code tools and create a new product thanks to the tutorials and learning materials provided on Apps Without Code.

30.No Code Apps

This is a community of over 5000 experts that have come together to share their knowledge and assist one another in developing better tools and products. Professional communities are the ideal place to learn stuff that you won't find in tutorials or courses.

31.No Code School

It's never been so much fun to design and develop. Dayton Pereira will be your coach and trainer, teaching you how to build your app or website and verify your idea on a shoestring budget and with no coding experience.

32.No Code Mentors

Coaches from No Code Mentors can provide you with practical knowledge and assistance if you want to improve your no-code development skills. One-on-one video conversations with no-code specialists are the most effective way to obtain answers to your problems, discuss your project, and share your ideas.

33.People Who Build

If you've been putting off putting your ideas into action because of coding, no-coding development is the answer. The website's courses are designed to assist in the development of websites, web applications, and mobile applications.


WeLoveNoCode offers businesses limitless no-code development services at affordable prices. They have a plethora of excellent tutorials that will improve your no-code skills and help you become a better no-code developer.

35.Visual Makers

Our final no-code resource is Virtual Makers. Visual Makers is a German firm that assists people who need to automate monotonous operations and create digital products. They have a highly skilled team of over 200 makers who will make your digital growth a lot easier and quicker.

We enjoy no-code development because it is simple, quick, and efficient. Thousands of people have joined the digital revolution as followers and enthusiasts. It's now up to you to become a no-code pro and start working on your own projects.