Excerpt: The comprehensive list of web automation and data scraping tools for technical and non-technical persons who wish to scrape data from a website without having to hire a developer or write code.

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This is the comprehensive collection of web automation and data scraping tools for technical and non-technical persons who wish to scrape data from a website without having to hire a developer or write code.

But, before we go into the list, let's speak about web scraping for a moment

 What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping or web data extraction is an automated method of extracting publicly available information from a website. This is done using a variety of techniques that mimic human web surfing behavior. The data is exported in a defined format that the user can understand, such as a CSV, JSON, Spreadsheet, or API.

Web scraping could be beneficial to a variety of businesses, like IT and services, financial services, marketing, and advertising, insurance, banking, consulting, and online media.

For firms that make data-driven decisions, it became a vital procedure. Scraped data is used in a variety of ways by enterprises, including:

  • Market research
  • Price monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • Machine Learning / AI
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Reviews scraping
  • Job board scraping
  • Social media monitoring
  • Teaching and research

And a lot more...

Scraping technologies are becoming more popular as the Internet has evolved and more businesses rely on data extraction and online automation.

Let’s now begin our list of web scrapers:

30 No-Code & Low-Code Web Scrapers You Should Know About

1. Automatio (automation.co)

Automatio takes care of the tedious tasks easily. Make a bot to assist you with web-based chores. Without writing a single line of code, you can extract data, monitor websites, and more. A simple interface, similar to building blocks, allows you to design a bot in minutes.

  • Cuts down in the development costs
  • Create a bot in minutes
  • Your bot will run on cloud servers. Hence, no need for configuration
  • Deal with complex scenarios where other tools can't
  • Export data to CSV, Excel, JSON, or XML
  • reCAPTCHA solver
  • API
  • Get data behind a log-in
  • Automatically fill forms

2. Bright Data (brightdata.com)

Bright Data is the world's most trustworthy proxy network and offers organisations automatic web data collection solutions. Collect precise data from any website, at any scale, and have it provided to you automatically in the format of your choice.

  • Automated web data extraction
  • Adapts quickly to new page layouts
  • Collects web data at any scale
  • Learns to bypass the latest blocking methods
  • Free up resources & saves up time, effort, and cost

3.Octoparse (octoparse.com)

Octoparse is a cloud-based web data extraction tool that allows users to extract useful data from a variety of websites without having to code. It allows users from a wide range of sectors to scrape unstructured data and save it in forms such as Excel, plain text, and HTML.

  • Point-and-click interface
  • Deal with all sorts of websites
  • Cloud extraction
  • Automatic IP rotation
  • Schedule extraction
  • API, CSV, Excel, Database

4. Web Scraper (webscraper.io)

Web Scraper is a tool for extracting data from websites. You can develop sitemaps that show how to explore the site and which parts should be used to collect data. The scraper can then be run in your browser and the data downloaded in CSV format.

  • Point and click interface
  • Data extraction from dynamic websites
  • Designed for the modern web
  • Modular selector system
  • Export data in CSV, XLSX and JSON formats 

5. Parse Hub (parsehub.com)

Web scraping tools are free of cost! Any website can be turned into a spreadsheet or API. Simply select the data you want to extract, technical knowledge is not needed. Their "quick choose" tool analyses a webpage's structure and automatically organises comparable info together for you. All you have to do is go to a website and click on the data you want to get.

  • Scrapes any interactive website
  • No coding is required for use.
  • Extract text, HTML and attributes
  • Scrape and download images/files
  • Get data behind a log-in
  • Download CSV and JSON files
  • Scheduled runs
  • Automatic IP rotation

6. Apify (apify.com)

Apify can automate and scale anything that can be done manually in a web browser. For web scraping, data extraction, and web RPA, we're your one-stop shop. It's a software platform that enables forward-thinking businesses to fully exploit the web, the world's largest repository of information ever produced.

  • On the web, automate manual workflows and processes.
  • Crawl websites for data, which you can then export to Excel, CSV, or JSON.
  • Connect diverse web services and APIs

7. Import.io (import.io)

Import.io is a Web Data Integration (WDI) platform that allows users to turn unstructured web data into a structured format by extracting, preparing, and integrating web data for usage in analytic platforms or business, sales, and marketing applications.

  • Point-and-click training
  • Interactive workflows
  • ML auto-suggest
  • Download images and files
  • Data behind a login
  • Easy scheduling

8. Scrape Storm (scrapestorm.com)

A visual internet scraper powered by AI that can extract data from practically any page without requiring any coding. All types of operating systems are supported. The greatest option for newcomers. There's no need for any technological setup. Developed by an ex-Google crawler team. Download for free.

  • Intelligent identification of data, no manual operation required
  • Visual click operation, easy to use
  • Multiple data export methods
  • Powerful, providing enterprise scraping services
  • Cloud account, convenient and fast
  • All systems supported, leading technology

9. Web Automation (webautomation.io)

WebAutomation.io is the most comprehensive marketplace for pre-built no-code web scrapers. You can start pulling data from your favorite site with just a few clicks and a few seconds of coding or developing from scratch. Scrape product and pricing information, as well as track and monitor competition prices.

  • Scrape with one click using ready-made extractors
  • Build new extractors with point and click Interface
  • Get our concierge to build you an extractor
  • Export data to CSV, Excel, JSON or XML
  • reCAPTCHA solver
  • API

10. Listly (listly.io)

Listly is a free Chrome Extension that converts web data into Excel. It is just a single click away. It extracts and organizes clean data into rows and columns automatically. For automated site scraping, Listly offers a scheduler and e-mail alert. Furthermore, the dashboard enables you to register thousands of URLs at once and export them all into a single spreadsheet with only a few clicks.

  • Export multiple pages into an excel spreadsheet on databoard
  • Schedule a daily extraction
  • Reproduce mouse/keyboard actions to load more data
  • Select a proxy server to change the IP address
  • Extract data from IFRAME
  • Extract hyperlinks over the content
  • Get Email Notification
  • Upload .html files to fireboard

11. Agency (agenty.com)

Agenty's web data scraping plugin is both simple and advanced, allowing you to swiftly extract data from websites using point-and-click CSS Selectors, inspect the retrieved data in real-time, and export it to JSON, CSV, or TSV.

  • Extract any number of fields from a web-page
  •  Use the built-in CSS selector to generate a pattern with one click
  • Choose the item you want to extract. E.g. TEXT, HTML or ATTR (Attribute)
  • See the result preview instantly as CSS selector selected
  • Toggle the position left/right
  • Export output in the most popular file format JSON, CSV or TSV

12.Diffbot (diffbot.com)

Convert the internet into data. Diffbot uses AI, computer vision, and machine learning to extract web data from any website. Diffbot does not require any rules to read the text on a page, unlike standard web scraping programs. The result is a website that has been turned into clean structured data (such as JSON or CSV) that is ready to be used in your application.

  • Extract structured data from web pages
  • Crawl and extract entire domains
  • Query the whole web and enhance your data

13. Axiom (axiom.ai)

Axiom is a browser-based RPA system. RPA allows you to automate through the user interface. Not everyone can code, but everyone can point, click, and type on a user interface. Axiom makes it easier for more people to automate by allowing them to create automation using a user interface rather than writing code.

  • Consolidate data across many web applications
  • Input data into any web form or web application
  • Batch download & batch upload files
  • Extract data from public sites or from behind logins
  • Interact with any web application, even legacy systems
  • Read/Write and merge data into spreadsheets
  • Extract data from behind logins, inside iframes, and nested pages
  • Google Drive, webhook and Zapier integration

14. Docparser (docparser.com)

Using Zonal OCR technology, powerful pattern recognition, and anchor keywords, Docparser finds and extracts data from Word, PDF, and image-based documents. Create your own unique document rules or choose from several Docparser rule templates.

  • Smart layout parsing presets
  • Extract tabular data
  • Powerful custom parsing rules
  • Smart filters for invoice processing
  • Blazing fast processing
  • OCR support for scanned documents
  • Powerful image preprocessing
  • Barcode and QR-code detection
  • Fetch documents from cloud storage providers

15. Hexomatic (hexomatic.com)

Hexomatic is a no-code job automation platform that allows you to use the internet as your own data source, use the most advanced AI technologies, and outsource time-consuming tasks to a crowdsourced team of human assistants. Find new prospects in any industry, discover email or social media accounts, translate material, supplement your leads with tech stack data, and more. Hexomatic comes with over 30 ready-to-use automation that you may use right now.

  • Scrape data from any website
  • Find 100's prospects in a few clicks using Google Maps
  • Monitor Amazon sellers for specific products
  • Supercharge your SEO backlinks outreach
  • Create screenshots in bulk for any device size
  • Perform SEO analysis at scale
  • Convert images at scale
  • Translate ad creatives or products at scale

16. ProWebScraper (prowebscraper.com)

ProWebScraper is the most powerful web scraping software available. Its data scraping functionality is simple to use and makes online scraping a breeze. With capabilities like automated IP rotation, scraping data from js-rendered websites, and HTML tables, ProWebScraper can scrape 90 per cent of internet domains.

  • Point and click selector
  • Customizable options
  • Extract data from multiple pages
  • Chaining
  • Generate URLs automatically
  • Download high-quality images
  • Access data via API

17. Simplescraper (simplescraper.io)

A quick, free, and easy-to-use web scraper. In a matter of seconds, you can scrape website and table data. Simplescraper is a web scraper that is both simple and powerful. Create automated scraping recipes that can scrape millions of web pages and turn them into APIs or run locally in your browser (no need to sign up).

  • To pick the data you require, simply point and click.
  • Table columns, as well as URLs from links and photos, are captured using intelligent selection.
  • Download in CSV or JSON format
  • Local scraping is completely free.
  • Pagination (cloud scraping)
  • Save scrape jobs so you can run again without having to re-select the data you want (cloud scraping)
  • Navigate between recipes easily and run multiple scrape jobs simultaneously (cloud scraping)
  • Historical snapshots of all the data you have downloaded in the past (cloud scraping)
  • Free cloud scraping starting credits

18. Parsers (parsers.com)

Parsers is a browser extension that allows you to extract structured data from websites and visualize it without writing any code. You must start the procedure by clicking on the data on the website. After the procedure is complete, you may view the analyzed data in charts and download the structured data in the necessary format (Excel, XML, CSV) or via API.

  • Select the necessary data for scraping on the site page in a few clicks
  • View charts with analyzed data
  • Download structured data in XLSX, XLS, XML, CSV or get the latest version by API
  • Schedule scraping start and get updated data every day automatically
  • View site scraping history and all versions by date

19. Browse AI (browseai.com)

The simplest method for extracting and monitoring data from the web and converting any website into an API without writing code. 

  • Keep an eye on any webpage for updates.
  • Data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.
  • Browse 50+ 1-click automation for common use cases, or create your own.
  • As a spreadsheet, extract data from any website.
  • Data entry on any web-based form can be automated.
  • Create a public API for any website that does not have one.

20. RTILA (rtila.net)

RTILA is a simple growth hacking and marketing automation tool that can collect and scrape data from practically any website. There are no coding requirements.

  • Automating web browsers
  • Data monitoring in real-time
  • Point-and-click interface
  • Extract multiple pages at once
  • For Windows & Mac & Linux
  • Export in CSV, JSON & HTML
  • Web data selection visualized
  • Extract data from any site
  • Preview results in real-time
  • Bypass anti-scraping systems

21. Dashblock (dashblock.com)

Dashblock software is a platform that automates website testing operations and smoothly collects data. The software creates web automation with a Machine Learning tool and then executes it with an API request. Add variables, transmit high-level commands, receive data, visually select items, and receive real-time visual feedback. It has Zapier and Slack integrations. The programme is used by developers, as well as small and medium businesses.

  • Real-time data collection
  • Keep an eye on the competition.
  • Fill out forms and schedule appointments.
  • Checkout products automatically
  • Invoices and reports can be downloaded.
  • Automatically generate leads
  • Put your website to the test.

22. Scrape.do (scrape.do)

Alternatives to Rotating Proxy and Scraping API. You don't have to waste time creating your own IP rotation rules and paying for various services. Simply utilize scrape-do and only pay for requests that are completed.

  • Residential rotating proxies
  • Geo-targeting
  • Unlimited bandwidth

23. Sequentum (sequentum.com)

Sequentum offers complete web data extraction, document management, and intelligent process automation control (IPA). Our end-to-end platform can be used in-house or outsourced to our Managed Data Services team. Our software configuration files specify exactly what data to extract, quality control monitors, and output requirements to any format or endpoint.

  • Easy to use point and click interface
  • Robust API supports easy drop-in to existing data pipelines
  • Easily integrate third-party AI, ML, NLP libraries or APIs for data enrichment
  • Customization in common coding languages like Python3, C#, Javascript, Regular Expressions
  • Optional integration with Microsoft or Google identities
  • Export to any format
  • Deliver to any endpoint
  • On-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment model

24. Data Miner (dataminer.io)

Data Miner is a Chrome and Edge browser extension that allows you to crawl and scrape data from web pages and save it to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

  • Extract tables & lists
  • Pages behind login/firewall
  • Javascript API hooks
  • Click scraping
  • Open & scrape a list of URLs
  • Scrape dynamic ajax content
  • Scrape paginated results
  • Run custom Javascript
  • Automatically fill forms

25. DataGrab (datagrab.io)

Without coding, extract web data at a large scale. DataGrab is a point-and-click interface that allows you to extract data from websites for a variety of purposes, including lead generation, pricing tracking, data aggregation, real estate listings, and more. It was created with non-coders in mind, yet it still allows developers to adjust the generated CSS selectors.

  • Visual scraper setup
  • Pagination (by following the links to the next pages)
  • Linking detail pages to their listing pages
  • Dynamic sites (ones that employ techniques such as infinite scroll, "load more" button, etc.)
  • Scheduling (run your scrapers automatically every hour, day, week or month)

26. Spider Pro (tryspider.com)

Spider Pro is a simple online scraping tool for organising data from websites. It does not require any setups or programming knowledge; it immediately begins collecting data by clicking.

  • Unobtrusive user interface design
  • Scrape paginated content with a single click
  • Scrape ajax loaded content
  • No server involved
  • Improved selector logic for better results
  • Custom selector for quirky website structures

27. ScrapeX.ai (scrapex.ai)

ScrapeX.ai automates data extraction and scraping. It obtains the info you want, the manner you want it while you sit back and relax.

  • Scrape any webpage
  • Manage your scraper instances on a single dashboard
  • Cookie support
  • Scripts to power scrapers
  • Scrape an entire website for site audit and create site maps
  • Automatic data extraction APIs

28. AnyPicker (anypicker.com)

AnyPicker is a visual web scraping Chrome plugin. It allows you to effortlessly define web extraction criteria by simply clicking on what you see on the page, without the need to download any additional software. It is integrated with Google Sheets and saves scraped data with a single click, saving you time from having to upload and parse your data using Google Drive. Because all data is handled locally and never passes via AnyPicker's web server, no one knows what you scraped.

  • Simple and easy visual interface
  • Works with any website, even behind logins
  • Get structured data in XLS, CSV, and format
  • Automatically scrape and download images
  • Recognizes data patterns on its own.
  • Pagination and endless scrolling are fully supported.
  • Recipes can be saved for future scraping.

29. Scrapio (getscrapio.com)

Extract content from any website automatically. Download data from numerous sources, automate scraping procedures over several links, and much more.

  • Auto content detection
  • Manage scraped data
  • Multiple file types
  • Data interactions
  • Repeat the extractor on scraped links
  • Record content interactions

30. Monitoro (monitoro.xyz)

Monitoro is a cloud service that monitors for changes on web pages. Every time something changes, it scrapes the data and delivers it to other services. Monitoro calls your webhook with the most up-to-date data whenever a webpage changes. Monitoro collects structured data, monitors for changes, and then feeds new data via webhooks.

  • When a website updates, automate web data extraction.
  • Sync and enrich data with Google Sheets, Airtable, and any CMS or DB in real-time.
  • Get custom alerts in Slack, Discord, Email, SMS or your favourite channel
  • With the retrieved data, create custom triggers for Zapier, IFTTT, or any webhook

This was a lengthy list, but I hope you found it useful and that this article assisted you in selecting the best tool for your needs.

Let us know if you haven't found the ideal fit yet and need assistance with some of your projects that require more complicated capabilities. We have a lot of experience in this industry because we designed our own web automation and data extraction tool, Automatio.io, and created hundreds of bots to collect millions of data over the years.