Excerpt: A quick introduction of Edu Lite that can make online education quite user friendly and less chaotic.

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Digital Education

Since the pandemic started and online education came into the scene, there have been really some problems that made teaching-learning process difficult for both teachers and students.

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To mitigate some of these problems we came up with Edu Lite to make this process simpler and easier.

How Is Edulite Making Online Education Simpler?

  • Note Taking

With online classes, imparting lessons and taking notes have been the real struggle. It happened either through ppt or some pdf files. Without writing the notes down, it often became difficult for students to understand the lessons or do a revision. But it won’t be difficult anymore! With Edu Lite you can create handwritten notes. You can also search in these handwritten notes, unlike flipping your notebooks. Also, these notes are easily shareable which makes your life simpler when you miss your class. At the same time, you can view your related notes in case of reference.

  • Collaboration Made Simpler

 Since online classes, group assignments became quite difficult because collaborating on an assignment becomes difficult. Hence with EduLite, you can easily collaborate on any notes or document since it is easily sharable. In case of any doubts or queries, you can also easily ask a friend in the notes or document itself. Collaboration can be made on any device through Bluetooth or wifi.

  • Personalised Insights

In online classes, the main issue that all the stakeholders face is that there’s no contact between the students, parents, and teachers. Since EduLite can be used by parents, students, and teachers, we made sure that each of them gets personalised insights. Teachers know what is happening in the class, students know their engagements and parents remain updated about their children in the class.

  • AI-Driven Evaluation System

Another most difficult part of online education has been evaluated. Taking tests and evaluating them became a great challenge for teachers. Now with Shiksha, it can be a piece of cake for the teachers. EduLite’s AI-driven evaluating system can easily evaluate these assignments. These evaluations can be easily viewed by students for future reference and improvements.

Magic By EduLite

Apart from all these features, Shiksha can make the entire education system paperless. With EduLite in hand, you no more need to carry heavy bags, which has been a problem for students to carry heavy bags and later leading to physical constraints. With EduLite on your device, you can continue from the place you left in school after coming back home. The continuity would not break. 

By making education paperless, we can help the environment by wasting bulks of paper and cutting trees.

EduLite is not just an app or software but a mini-school on your device. Also helping the environment on a larger framework. 

Right now Edu Lite is available in Hindi, English, and Kannada but content localisation in other languages would come soon. 

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