Often while building a website or app there are three verticals that come into consideration, viz. cost, quality and time. This is the triangle that is taken into consideration in any kind of business. 


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Though these verticals are interrelated yet whenever it comes to making a decision keeping these verticals in mind, only two aspects of the triangle can be taken into the liberty of one’s own choice. By which we mean you can either have quality and time according to you and hence the price gets decided, or you can have quality and price according to your choice and the time gets decided, or time and price can be your choice and quality gets decided. In simple words, we can’t decide on all three factors.

To simplify, let's break it down by taking the three options of choices we can make and then seeing the results.

Option 1: Quality and Time

Time Quality Price
Low High High
More Low Low
More High Negotiable
Low Low Negotiable
Low Negotiable Negotiable
Negotiable High Negotiable

While building our website or app we make the choice of quality and time, which will result in the price to be decided by the other side. In this scenario what can be the most probable situations that we should be aware of? Here’s the answer:

  1. If you want your product/service to be developed in high quality and in less time then the price will shoot up
  2. Whereas if you decide on a low-quality delivery with more time, then the price will drop down
  3. In four circumstances your price can be negotiable or somewhat not expensive nor cheap:
  1. If you are given the developer/company more time for a high-quality delivery
  2. If you want a low-quality product in less time
  3. If you are ready to negotiate on either time or quality then the price will also be negotiable


Option 2: Quality and Price

Quality Price Time
High Low High
Low Low Low
Negotiable Low Negotiable
High Negotiable Negotiable


Now if you make a choice on the quality and price then the time will be decided by the developer/designer/company to which you gave the work. We will give the three scenarios here with respect to the table above.

  1. If you want something in good quality and low price then the time will be high
  2. If you want something of low quality in a low price then time will be low as well
  3. If you are ready to negotiate on any of the factors of quality or price, then time will also be negotiable. 


Option 3: Time and Price

Now let’s see what happens if you make your choices on time and price. It is sure that quality will get affected. Let’s see how:

Time Price Quality
Low Low Low
High Low High/Negotiable
Low High High
Negotiable Negotiable Depends on the negotiation


  1. If you want your product to be delivered in less time on a low price, quality will go down.
  2. If you want a low price and you think time can be high, then quality will be high or it will be negotiable.
  3. If you are ready to pay high but want it in a low time, the quality will also be high.
  4. If you think you can negotiate on the price or time, quality will also depend on that.


We hope this breakdown will help you to make your decision now. If you are still thinking about which option to consider while wishing to build your app or website then contact us. Let’s discuss it together and make the thought into reality.