Website Application

Often the idea building website looks complex as it involves lots of coding and other technical knowledge. Or it is the thought that it is quite a lot of money to be spent on a developer and web designer. We have a piece of good news for you then. Making a website in 2021 is not that difficult nor it is expensive. You can create a website just for free!

Excited? Let’s tell you how to do it. It’s a simple 3 step process to get a website of your own at zero cost.

  1. Choose a website builder

Presently, in this digital time, several website builders allow the available ones available to newbies or people to make the website quite easily and free of cost. Just type ‘Website Builders To Build Website for Free’ on Google and you will see an unending list. In this situation, the question can be ‘Which One To Choose?’

The answer is quite simple. Go through the website builders. Check their pros and cons. And then choose the one which suits you the best.

To make your life easier we have created a list of some of the best website builders with their basic steps to create a website and their pros and cons. 

Sl. No Website Builder Basic Steps to Create Free Pros Cons
1 WordPress
  1. Signup for a hosting service & register a domain name
  2. Install WordPress and set up your website
  3. Choose a theme and design your site
  4. Use the required plugins and customise the site according to your needs
  5. Add your products/contents and promote traffic.
  1. Free & open source
  2. A range of free & premium themes to design your website
  3. Huge range of plugins for features & functionalities
  4. Several expert forums to troubleshoot
  5. Third-party services are available for site maintenance & Management
  6. Easy for e-commerce stores via the woo-commerce plugin.
  1. A self-hosted platform so you will need a hosting service
  2. Slightly tough for newbies
  3. Specific issue troubleshooting can be difficult at times.
2 Wix
  1. Signup
  2. Choose from available templates or use WixADI to specify the design
  3. Use additional features to highlight your website
  4. Develop the site according to your needs
  5. Add marketing & SEO tools to boost your business
  1. Easy to create and maintain
  2. Great mobile experience
  3. Excellent apps and templates
  4. Good site performance and security settings
  5. Ease of getting support
  1. Have to deal with ads
  2. Might feel the inadequacy of free templates at times
  3. Lack of data export options
3 uKit
  1. Signup and get started
  2. Choose a design for the website
  3. Register a custom domain name
  4. Add content
  5. Verify your account with Google Search Console & enable Google Analytics.
  1. Easy to use
  2. Hassle-free hosting and domain name
  3. Designs are responsive and visually amazing
  4. Coding options available for advanced customisation
  5. Easy integration to Google Console and Google Analytics
  1. No free plan yet affordable beginner plan
  2. Lack of data export options
4 Weebly
  1. Sign up for a plan
  2. Choose a theme from the ones that are available
  3. Register for a domain. Choose a subdomain if you want it for free
  4. Edit the website using drag and drop website builder
  5. Choose the apps from the app centre according to your needs
  6. Publish your website  
  1. Great for small businesses
  2. Easy to start and configure
  3. Availability of templates and apps
  4. Good website performance and security features
  5. Guides to help you get a good search engine ranking for your site
  6. Competitive pricing
  1. Content management can be tricky
  2. Export options are limited
  3. Adding advanced marketing tools can be tough.
5 Google My Business
  1. Automatically creates a website from your Google My Business account
  2. Customise the site by designing themes, text and images
  3. Choose a domain name and publish your website
  1. Absolutely free
  2. Easy to use
  3. Fully integrated with Google Services
  4. Great site performance is assured
  5. Location-specific
  1. Limited design options
  2. Integration with other marketing channels is limited
  3. Limited options to scale up compared to other website builders
6 SiteBuilder
  1. Sign in to a plan of site  builder
  2. Choose a base theme and make customisation as required
  3. Choose a domain name
  4. Publish your website
  1. Easy to start and publish
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Easy to customise templates
  1. Long term pricing is not affordable
  2. Basic SEO & marketing features
  3. For rapid scaling up, not a great option


2. Register a domain name

Before registering a domain name, you need to choose a name as per your business. But registering a domain name is often a financial investment. Don’t worry, we have a way to make it free as well. Here’s how:

  1. Opt for a website builder with a self-hosting option like WordPress. In such a case, opting for a certain hosting plan will allow a free domain name. In some, you can also customise your domain name too.
  2. Another option is to choose a free subdomain that comes with a website builder. This option often comes with website builders’ free packages. The problem here can be that of branding. By which we mean, if the website builder’s branding doesn’t cause you any problem, then save some money here.

Configure and Customise Your Website

Before you start building your website, you need to decide on the requirements of your website. It is important because the entire customisation will depend on the fundamental need of your website. As per that, your design, feature enhancement, content strategy, etc. will be made/changed. 

To make it simple for you we have listed out some general rules for the customisation and configuration of your website:

  1. Choose and install a suitable theme
  2. Set your homepage and add the necessary content
  3. Adjust typography and choose colours as per your brand
  4. Create the basic pages and create a blog if needed
  5. Set up the menu for user-friendly and easy access to your pages
  6. Add the necessary plug-ins
  7. Set your SEO and marketing tools

When Things Can Get a Little Difficult?

Like everything has a good and a bad side, there are certain parts of a free website when things can get a little tricky as well.

If your website is the only way to connect to your users then a free website might not satisfy you and you might need the superior features that can create the experience and hence need a developer. 

Also, free websites or websites without coders can be difficult if you have other works of the business and can’t dedicate time to it. 

Trouble-shooting can also be a problem. Difficult trouble-shooting needs codes, hence designers and developers might come in handy then.

Got worried? Don’t worry. We have all the services for you to make your website just as you like. Our team will ensure that your website building experience becomes as easy and affordable as you would have ever wanted. To know more about us, check us on native or follow us on our social media handles.