Excerpt: Updating key results can be quite a boring task that you and your staff might not want to do. There can be a better way of communicating to find out the gap between desired and actual results and then making the best possible decision. In this article, we will talk about four factors that you might want to consider before making the communication. 

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Consider how you want your staff to focus on results to generate better results this quarter. When you say "update your KRs," you're requesting an administrative task, which no one likes to do (and you certainly don't want to whine about).

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Excerpt: Since the beginning of the pandemic, hyperlocal delivery has had numerous challenges. Customers' behavior changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic too. However, they did exceptionally well since technological advancements had a good impact on the situation. Many software followed, assisting hyperlocal delivery companies in managing and mitigating their deliveries and operations. Here’s a quick list of the software that is helping these hyperlocal delivery managements.

Hyperlocal delivery has faced many issues since the pandemic started. With the pandemic, there was a drastic change in customer behavior. But they performed well because technologies have brought positive changes in the scenario. 

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Following that there came many Softwares helping hyperlocal deliveries to manage and mitigate through their deliveries and operations.

Softwares Solving The Management Problems of Hyperlocal Delivery

1. Tookan

With a broad range of tools, features, and extensions, Tookan is an end-to-end delivery management system that helps you to optimize operations and boost labor efficiency.

Tookan is best described as a one-stop-shop for all of your delivery management needs. It provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for local deliveries.

The configurable dashboard is one of the most important features of Tookan's delivery management software.

From the dispatch dashboard, you can accomplish the following as the admin/dispatcher:

  • Generate barcodes for single or multiple delivery orders 
  • Regulate communication between your business and customers
  • Create multiple geofences
  • Customize freight management software
  • Automate recurring tasks
  • Manage inventory
  • Track long-haul delivery and much more

Tookan's field agent app is jam-packed with features that make their jobs easier and more productive.

Digital signature capture, barcode scanning, task notifications, agent capacity management, and agent wallet are just a few of the features that stand out.

2. RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior is a multi-stop route planning and dispatching program that allows delivery teams or individual agents to reduce downtime on the road.

Drivers may develop, optimize, and share routes with delivery dispatchers using the RoadWarrior app.

Dispatchers can also keep an eye on the status of each delivery in progress and, if necessary, make changes to the route.

RoadWarrior also offers a specialized driver app that allows drivers to track their overall progress and report each completed delivery.

Delivery dispatchers may leverage their API access to automate daily operations and get their drivers moving faster using the RoadWarrior app.

Unassigned stops, thorough analytics, and progress tracking are among the other capabilities of the delivery management app.

3. FarEye

FarEye is another prominent delivery management SaaS program. It is a SaaS platform that allows delivery organizations to organize, optimize, and track their delivery operations.

Last-mile tracking, real-time visibility, multi-business cooperation, order orchestration, and other features of FarEye's logistics platform stand out.

This predictive logistics technology, which is used across over 150 different verticals, including food and grocery delivery, manufacturing, courier and parcel delivery, retail, and more, can help businesses optimize their delivery operations.

FarEye boosts seamless communication, creates predictive visibility, allows for single-touch workflows, improves delivery routes, and provides real-time tracking to improve logistics.

The logistics platform accomplishes all of this while assisting businesses in improving the delivery experience for their customers.

4. GSMtasks

GSMtasks is an Estonia-based delivery management software company that specializes in organizing and evaluating deliveries for on-demand businesses and courier service organizations. GSMtasks was founded in 2000.

With a specialized drivers app, a powerful dispatchers dashboard, client driver tracking, and automated SMS notifications, this delivery routing management software is perfectly suited to handle any delivery-related issues.

GSMtasks strives to exceed customers' expectations by guaranteeing that their orders arrive on schedule.

To accomplish this, they use their advanced route optimizer, which finds and highlights the quickest path for drivers.

GSMtasks' delivery tracking system not only ensures client pleasure but also lowers operating costs and relieves the load on business resources.

You may get accurate routing data, such as cost per delivery, job completion time, and average delivery time for particular drivers, by using this delivery management software, which is available on both mobile and desktop.

5. Circuit

Circuit for Teams, Circuit's delivery management software, is jam-packed with industry-leading features including route optimization, driver tracking, precise ETAs, recipient alerts, and more.

Circuit for Teams is a software solution for any company that organizes drivers and arranges deliveries and pickups.

Innovative job assignment methods are included in the delivery management system to help you optimize operations while saving time and money.

You may view recipient names, signatures, and photo proofs for each completed delivery using the proof of delivery function.

Circuit's smart delivery management software also lets you add priority deliveries to your daily list so that a driver can be allocated to the job at the appropriate moment.

Circuit also guarantees precise ETAs, which is useful while the vehicle is making many stops.

Circuit also has spreadsheet import, driver shifting between routes, and other features that make it a fantastic delivery management system.


This concludes our list of the top delivery management software that can assist you in resolving all of the issues that come with running a functional delivery app.

As you can see, you have a wide variety of alternatives to pick from. When making a decision, consider your needs carefully before making a decision.

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