Unlocking New Insights In Pharma


The Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (BI) solution is designed to gather, evaluate, and compare pharma data from multiple sources, allowing companies to operate more efficiently, improve employee productivity, increase revenue as well as enhance their competitive edge. The applications of BI solutions in the pharma industry are far-reaching.

Nativebyte helped a large multinational pharmaceutical company with over $5 billion in sales.


The client was extremely reliant on MS Excel, old off-the-shelf and inhouse half-baked solutions based on Crystal Reports, Pivots and Excel Charts and the management team felt they were spending too much time on operational reporting and as a result, a lot of revenue leakage was not visible to the top management.

Operational reports were not easily accessible and the internal reporting team was overwhelmed with reporting requests, with no significant consequence.



The company needed a modern self-service reporting solution which can consume data from various hetrogenous resources such as relational databases, No-SQL databases, etc and provide an effective data reporting and visualisation capabilities.
Our approach was to identify a suitable reporting solution which was is easy to use by the client’s management team and flexible enough to assimilate and process data coming from various sources.

Solution Space

PowerBI Dashboard:

  • Nativebyte analyzed the client’s data flows as well as the linkages between their Dynamics SL accounting system and other financial systems.
  • We looked at different data sources to and the quality of the data coming in from those sources and created transformation pipelines wherever required to ensure that the data is cleaned before being processed for reporting.
  • We leveraged Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Active Directory, and Power BI to provide three different departments with better access to their spending and budgeting information.


  • Power BI dashboards provided the trending and budget information that needed to be visualized as well the insight they required into when vendors were being paid and who was signing off on the vendor invoices.
  • Department heads now have a snapshot into their departmental spending which has provided them with the insight that they needed to ensure spending is being property allocated.
  • Department heads also have the ability to view vendor invoices on their own without having to rely on the accounting team.

Product & Toolset

  • With focus on scale and complexity of the data under lense, we picked PowerBI owing to its simple and elegant user interface and powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Highly effective reporting interfaces were buil​t which allows the management team to take data-driven critical decisions.
  • Proper use of database indexes, data segmentation and sharding and clustering, caching at DB level ensured that the users get smoothest possible experience without any delays or lags, even when the reports are being actively prepared in the background.

Security and Reliability

  • The system is PCI-DSS compliant and follows industry best practices to offer banking grade security.
  • The application is well tested by external security experts ensuring that the ecosystem is safe and auditable as per the compliance requirements.
  • It uses state of the art PITR recovery solution along with advanced BCP and DR to recover quickly and reliably from any inadvertent security or infrastructure issues.