Stuck using inadequate tools to make critical product decisions? We can help.

Most product teams cobble together reports using legacy marketing tools like Google Analytics, which only track vanity metrics. You can’t tell why users come back to your product. You can’t access and visualize complete user journeys, slowing down both product strategy and execution.

If any of this sounds familiar, Amplitude is here to help.

Understand user behavior to grow your product metrics

Get a complete picture of user journeys and product health with behavioral product analytics.

  • Discover the behaviors that predict new user retention
  • Deep dive into each user’s full journey, even when they’re anonymous
  • Instantly visualize engagement and retention
  • Break down your active users by lifecycle stage
  • Identify and group users instantly based on actions taken

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Pick the right features to ship a better product experience, fast

Track the impact of every release in real time and double down on the right features to keep shipping a better experience to your users.

  • View data from new releases in real time to track impact
  • Visualize the most common paths users take through your product
  • Get a 360 degree view of your best and worst-performing features
  • Dive into conversion drop-off points to investigate why
  • Use data to drive rapid consensus on your product roadmap

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Act on product insights to drive business outcomes

Inform strategies for driving purchases, subscriptions and upsells via our collaboration tools, APIs and integrations.

  • Identify the cohorts likely to purchase and run personalized campaigns
  • Deep dive into churned or dormant users and target them for resurrection
  • Easily analyze A/B test results to identify winning variations
  • Track the lifetime value of any cohort of users to understand product ROI
  • Share and discuss KPIs with shareable dashboards, email reports, and our Slack app

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Supercharge your product team

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