VIZIOCAAP is a latest and innovative Enterprise Call Accounting & Alert Package that helps enterprises get real picture of communication infrastructure usage through online reports and alerts. VIZIOCAAP allows businesses to efficiently manage telecom expenses and set up telecom systems for optimal utilization of communication resources and enhanced business performance.
VIZIOCAAP is suitable for Corporate, Hospitality, Government, Sales oriented Organizations, BFSI etc.

Unique Features

VIZIOCAAP is compatible with any Voice Switching System / Server (IP based EPABX / Key Telephone Systems / Server based EPABX Systems)

An open ended software interfaced on LAN or RS-232 port
Supports various modes like FTP Client, TFTP Client/ Server, TCP Client/ Server mode to connect to PBX
Integrated solution supports multi – locational Voice Communication Infrastructure
Uses freely distributable database making the application cost effective
Virtually no restriction on the amount of data to be handled
MIS reports customized for various needs and requirements
Field configurable parameters for SMDR to interface with virtually any Voice Switching System/ Server
Configurable call charges budget Extension wise / Trunk-wise / Department wise
User can be mapped with extension and FAC – multiple entity and data can be combined


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