In today’s competitive world, communication over phone is the key to any business. A significant amount of businesses takes place over phone. Professionals believe that 80% of business relies on telephonic conversation and certain businesses relies completely on telephonic conversations like Payment collection, order booking, complain registration, processes regulations, data mining and personal training to name a few. These conversation are extremely important for business growth and for future reference as and when required. VIZOVLOG is an ideal application for such businesses.

VizioVLOG is a comprehensive tool ideal for Customer Interaction Management, It records interactions between agents at contact center, supervisors, team leaders, managers etc. on one hand and prospects, leads, or customers on the other. Any sophisticated communication system requires a good voice logger to ensure:

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction
Performance management
VizioVLOG is easily installable, user-friendly and low on maintenance, it can be integrated with any PBX/ Voice server using Analog PRI Trunks or even SIP IP Trunks.



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