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Fully Managed Music Player

Plays what your audience like

Control your efforts in right time and right direction and to make it count for your organization. Complete solution for your music player and playlist.It will automatically managed as per your needs and timing


Accounting Policy Manual

APM (Accounting Policy Manual) by Nativebyte is a platform for organizing knowledge base.

Knowledge base is the foundation for your knowledge management practice. Knowledge management enables you to create, curate, share, utilize and manage knowledge across your whole company and across industries.


Accounts Payable Workflow

AP Workflow by Nativebyte is a platform for automating vendor invoice processing and a hassle-free workflow to all stakeholders in the payment chain.

Taking a vendor driven approach, it makes payables management as simple as uploading the invoice and tagging the relevant stakeholders. The stakeholder can then seek approval on the uploaded invoice and pass it on to the accounting team directly, getting an acknowledgement in process and maintaining logs for necessary approvals and activities on the way. All seamlessly.

What’s more is, it can be integrated seamlessly with your existing systems over REST APIs.


Oraganising Payable Invoices Processing

Workflow by Nativebyte is a platform for organizing payable invoices processing and a hassle-free workflow for accounting team for recording the activities performed while processing the invoices.

Nativebyte team has been in constant touch with operators across several clients who use Workflow and their teams on ground observing issues and finding optimum solutions. Our design and development teams visited and monitored the usage patterns and talked to the operations teams for their feedback. Based on their feedback, several designs were thought about and tested within the team.


Cloud Based Learning Platform

Proxynotes is a cloud based learning platform which enables students across geographies to connect seamlessly and learn from most up-to-date courses.

Nativebyte’s technology team built the entire platform in-house, working closely with tutors and product team. Students can buy courses, watch videos on the go, access class notes, keep tab on their progress and become future ready. The courses are designed by freelance tutors who are rewarded based on the number of people purchasing their course and subsequently consuming it.


Virtual reception attendant

It can log visitors’ name, photo, phone, vehicle number and much more in an effortless UI offering the right first impression your guest should have. With AccessFlow, start building the simple, smart and secure check-in process and amaze your guests.

Offer personalised brand experience to your guests and increase brand awareness with every check-in to your facility!

Self-serve digital sign-in is simple and fast. It frees up your workforce to do things that matter more.

Supercharge your product team

Get started for free with all core analytics features and 10 million user actions per month