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AccessFlow is your virtual reception attendant which enables visitors to do express self-service check-ins. It can log visitors’ name, photo, phone, vehicle number and much more in an effortless UI offering the right first impression your guest should have. With AccessFlow, start building the simple, smart and secure check-in process and amaze your guests.

  • Offer personalised brand experience to your guests and increase brand awareness with every check-in to your facility!
  • Self-serve digital sign-in is simple and fast. It frees up your workforce to do things that matter more.
  • With photograph and contact details of the guests safely stored in cloud, your data is always secure and can be audited when required.

Features at a glance

The visitors have to give their basic information’s like his/her full name, phone no. and postal address.

  • Sharing basic information is a part of every official work and it confirms your attendance of that day
  • Visitors has to fill their ID Proof it can be aadhar No., PAN card No. or any other ID Proof because the identity of a person matters a lot everywhere for security purpose

Every work or action always have purpose, because without purpose things can’t be done.

  • The visitor has to mention for what purpose he/she is visiting the organization, so that visitor or the management may not face any confusion or difficulty
  • Mentioning the purpose can let things work smoothly and timely which is beneficial for everyone related to that visit.

Face is a unique part. Facial recognition is a crucial factor of everyday identification processes: human beings recognise each other by face.

  • Before meeting anyone we can know that person at least by Face, Name and some basic information, this is what Nativebyte is facilitating their customer with. Here the visitor has to be get photographed.
  • It requires no physical interaction with people to identify you.
  • It confirms your presence and make the task easier

There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life, or you’re the one that’ll change theirs.

  • Visitors has to mention to whom they want to meet so that there should be no wastage of time as we always hear and obviously we know time is money, so Nativebyte is managing both Time as well as Money.
  • Mentioning the detail will notify the person to whom the visitor is willing to meet.

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