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APM (Accounting Policy Manual) by Nativebyte is a platform for organizing knowledge base.

Knowledge base is the foundation for your knowledge management practice. Knowledge management enables you to create, curate, share, utilize and manage knowledge across your whole company and across industries.

Features at a glance

Reading is like breathing in, Writing is like breathing out.

  • Admin can write on different topics and user can read it as per their choices and preference, and get the knowledge of their interest.
  • This platform is a knowledge base platform you just need to come here and you will have some great ideas of the topics you have been searching for.

The essence of management is to make knowledge productive

  • Chapter management, the users can manage the knowledge base which they have read and which they have to read.
  • Users can make edits or they can even delete the post which is not relevant to them.

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge so, with your knowledge let others lit their candles.

  • Tag people by their user ID, welcome them to have discussion on topics as it is said “knowledge is power, knowledge shared is power multiplied” so multiply your knowledge on this platform.
  • Here the users are also facilitated with the option of attachment, they can attach their files or folders and post them.

Ask your question and resolve your worry or doubts you have in some very simple steps

  • The users can have queries regarding their problems and can get all the possible solutions to their problems simply by filling the query form.
  • The user can also attach documents they want, so that they can explain their problems in a better way.

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