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Plays what you audience like

Control your efforts in right time and right direction and to make it count for your organization. Complete solution for your music player and playlist.It will automatically managed as per your needs and timing

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Real Time Tracking

We provide a real time tracking mechanism to our customers. It makes efficient while making running strategy.

We are the part of this happy family customers group. We recommend this product cause it saves a lot of efforts by team to decide what to play and what not to play. Avoid any disturbance while playing music. Akash Lite Bite Food

Centralized Playlist For All Your Restraunts.

Stop guessing what songs play next and just enjoy the music.

  • Customize your playlist as per your needs and demands.
  • Create playlist as per time bound
  • Easy to use and manage.

Full control over the playlists.

Make sure your guest just only hear what you want them to hear.

  • Add and Delete songs from playlist.
  • Play recommended songs which are similar to your current playlist.
  • Automatically add new songs to predefined plalist.

Supercharge your Guests

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