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Student Information System

Education ecosystem is experiencing a paradigm shift. Schools and Learning Centres are increasingly becoming multi-campus. Collaboration amongst these schools across various geographies to leverage skill, scale and economy is taking off. The complexity of transformation has further compelled institutes to explore innovative methods and connected technologies while addressing the numerous challenges that they are grappling with.

Products offerings

Student Information System  is a comprehensive campus management solution for colleges and universities. It provides a campus wide platform that automates and integrates the institution's diverse resource, operations and management.

Business Automation Manager It is ideal for organizations that are keen on focussing on their core business and want to leverage technology to accelerate their business, without the associated hassles of building a large IT infrastructure and team. All the core business modules are related and executed in a synchronized manner to provide maximum benefits to all stakeholders

Online Query Redressal System for all industries, like e-commerce, education that empowers you to manage complex queries effectively. The complainant can raise his complain hassle-free by providing all the relevant information on this platfo It consists of diverse features with an aim to offer ease to all the concerned individuals

Unified Payment Portal UPP is a Microsoft Dynamics based unique one stop solution for fee payment management for Institutes, facilitating the students, faculty & parents. On one hand it paves way for instant fee payment and on the other, it ensures safe and secure transaction, guaranteeing personal data protection.

Edge PRO is the new age platform for English fluency and personality development, that guarantees measurable improvement in a learner's fluency.

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