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Workflow by Nativebyte is a platform for organizing payable invoices processing and a hassle-free workflow for accounting team for recording the activities performed while processing the invoices.

Nativebyte team has been in constant touch with operators across several clients who use Workflow and their teams on ground observing issues and finding optimum solutions. Our design and development teams visited and monitored the usage patterns and talked to the operations teams for their feedback. Based on their feedback, several designs were thought about and tested within the team


The team processes a large number of invoices on a daily basis. This requires each operator (L1/L2) to be very efficient at what they are doing. Since most of the task is about mapping what is present in the physical copy of the invoice and typing data in the system, they need to be able to quickly navigate across the invoice copy, rotate it if required, come back to the workflow application and make entries quickly. It has also been found that poor internet conditions have caused some work to be lost when the internet connectivity was down. A UI which can optimize their cursor moves and make available as much information as possible in one glance is required.

Design First Approach

Based on the feedback we received, we thought of possible designs which can optimize the workflow giving users the power they need. Over the last 4 months, we have built several proofs of concept and bounced off with test members. The one which emerged most favored is enrichingly informative, fast and intuitive. It draws upon the existing user experience of using spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel. We have redesigned the UI to give a refreshing new look which accommodates keyboard shortcuts and minimizes the use of mouse, thereby increasing user speed and efficiency. We have optimized the available screen real estate to give the operator maximum visibility possible. The edit feedback has been optimized to ensure that the operator does not miss saving any unsaved entry by making them visible if not saved properly due to poor internet connection or any other reason whatsoever.

Feels like Excel, works like Excel

Navigate around with keyboard, edit each entry by pressing enter key, save by pressing enter again! Happy moving around!

Quick editing feedback to avoid entry misses.

When a cell is edited, it is automatically saved and is colored green to mark that its edited. If the internet is not working or save fails due to any reason, the cell is marked orange. Once the system starts working again, user can use resave button to save all unsaved edits if require.

Sort columns by clicking on column name.

Sort data by column of your choice simply by clicking on the column name.

Check document Activity Log with ease.

View the Activity Log for any document by clicking on last-activity-time field or pressing enter on it.

Download invoice with keyboard.

You can download invoice simply by pressing enter while on barcode field or by clicking on it. It can be rotated 90 degree clockwise with Ctrl + ] key and on the other side by pressing Ctrl + [ key.

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