Software asset management (SAM) is a business practice that involves managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications within an organization.

A SAM Baseline Review engagement prepares you for digital transformation by giving you a complete view of your current Microsoft product deployment and licenses, helping you improve internal processes to lower costs, reduce risk, and improve end user productivity. Key insights show you how to optimize your software investments and plan a roadmap for migrating workloads and services to the Cloud.

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Importance of SAM

SAM is quickly becoming a core business function that is a must for all organizations to have. It has gone from being something that is ‘nice to have’ and ‘something an organization should do’ to a discipline that impacts all areas of the organization and has a big say in major organizational decisions. Software asset management not only assists the successes of other IT functions, such as service management, but it also helps with other functions such as procurement, finance and overall strategic planning. Due to the importance of SAM it should be considered when making any key business decisions.

There needs to be a SAM representative on the board so that they are kept up to date and have a say in any major decisions or strategies that the organization makes. This way the SAM team can prepare for any changes and update anything related to SAM processes or licensing.

Benefits of a SAM Baseline Review engagement

  • Control business and legal risks related to improper software deployment
  • Optimize hardware and software investments based on accurate and detailed inventory and user data
  • Align IT with organizational goals
  • Create ongoing processes for monitoring and provisioning current and future assets
  • Highlight migration and consolidation opportunities

NativeByte help you for

  • MS Windows Licensing
  • Windows Server Licensing
  • Remote Desktop Licensing
  • SQL Licensing
  • CALs (client access licenses)

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