The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a job title usually given to the person in an enterprise answerable for the Information Technology and Computer Systems that support Enterprise Goal.

Nativebyte Softwares exists to handle these challenges for the small to mid-sized organizations by appointing a virtual CIO, wherever the first focus is on bridging the gap between business and technology. The appointed CIO follows our custom developed processes in managing and laying out the business and technology integration set up.

We possess each business skills and also the ability to relate to the organization as a whole. We are not just technological experts with restricted purposeful business expertise.

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Whether it is a large organization or a small to mid-sized setup, technology has become an underlying requirement for any business.

  • To streamline business activities
  • To provide fastest turnaround time
  • To lower the overall cost of operations


  • Key contributor in formulating strategic goals for an organization
  • Increased focus on Service Management
  • Anticipates market trends about technology
  • Ensures the business navigates them under expert guidance and proper strategic IT planning aligned to the corporate strategy of the organization.


  • Business and Technology assessment
  • Technology Consulting and Management
  • strategy Development
  • Process Development
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Budgeting

In addition to providing such services, a dedicated team is setup to support the department which includes Network support, hardware/software support, custom developed applications, and full on- going support.

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